Dr. Humaria Quraishi - drhquraishi@gmail.com
Phone: 201-286-0408

Holistic Nutrition & Dietary Assessment

Dr. Humaira recognizes that the foundation of good health lies in nutrition. Understanding how certain foods negatively affect your health is a cornerstone to restoring optimal wellbeing. Dietary assessment is more than learning which foods are healthy and which are not.

Her training as a Clinical Nutritionist and  Naturopathic Doctor allows Dr. Humaira to understand how the body functions via biochemical and metabolic means. She takes into account not only your diet but also your lifestyle choices. Dr. Humaira believes in improving one's relationship with food. With this in mind, she teaches her patients to correct any dietary deficiencies or excesses, eliminate food sensitivities/allergies, achieve optimal weight, and to eat healthy.  Dr. Humaira is able to tailor dietary recommendations based on your individual needs given your medical history, diet diary and goals.